SmartVestor Pro


What is a SmartvestorPro?

Many of you may have watched or listened to Dave Ramsey on his podcast or other social media platforms. Ramsey started off in 1988 declaring personal bankruptcy and has since turned his life around. In the 1990s Ramsey became a media personnel on Nashville Radio and started to share his story on how he now lives debt free.

To help others achieve the same lifestyle Ramsey started a program called SmartvestorPros. This program consists of numerous financial advisors and other investing pros from across the nation allowing consumers to find a SmartvestorPro no matter where they are located.

All SmartvestorPros follow the same Code of Conduct, have had at least 2 years of financial experience as a registered investing professional, and are prepared to educate and guide you.

Since 2020, Keith Tatlock has been a SmartvestorPro and has been guiding people through their financial journeys.